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How to become an Online Tutor?

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring implies imparting education through the means of computer, broadband connection and other technological inputs. Through the aid of an interface (on the web), student and the tutor indulge in the process of learning. There are several tools which are available with the interface and through text chatting, whiteboard teaching and verbal exchanges, education is imparted. In an attempt to comprehend the nature of work, one must initially be aware of the prerequisites of online tutoring.


The components of online tutoring are:

  • Personal Computer

A personal computer is the chief necessity for the job of online tutoring. All information exchange takes place through the use of a personal computer.

  • Broadband Connection

Once a system is available, the next requisite is a broadband internet connection for uninterrupted and fast information exchange. The entire process of online tutoring takes place on the web and thus it is imperative to ensure a fast internet connection.

  • Communication Skills

Education is chiefly imparted through whiteboard and verbal exchanges. In such a scenario, the role of communication skills is greatly enhanced. Since students and teachers can be from different countries as well (which is usually the case), it is imperative for the tutor to understand and articulately express himself/herself to make learning easier.

  • Microphone and Headset

Microphone and headsets are among the most essential technological gears needed to successfully realize online tutoring. The entire process of learning takes place through the verbal and written exchanges at the interface. If a student has a doubt, the student conveys the question orally. The process of learning cannot take place until the tutor takes aid of a speaking tool as all the concepts and key points are to be conveyed via this medium. Use of speaking and hearing tools does not just quicken up the process of learning but make it more conducive for the student (as well as the tutor) to learn and convey.

  • Pen- Tablet

Free hand writing becomes extremely significant when dealing with complex equations, diagrams etc. A pen-tablet grants you the ability to write on a whiteboard just like you write on a piece of paper. It is an extremely important tool for online tutoring.

There are several advantages which students and tutors enjoy while involved in online tutoring :

  • No need to travel to avail tutoring
  • In a home ambience and at comfort
  • Tutoring possible at odd hours as well i.e. flexibility of time
  • As a part time job, it can be a secondary source of income
  • Since there is no visual interaction between the student and the tutor, a tutor can take aid from books, notes etc.

There is a huge demand for online tutors and the demand is increasing every day due to increase in the amount of outsourced work coming to Third World Nations. Tutoring costs are extremely high in United States and thus they outsource this work to countries like India etc. Moreover, there has been a sharp rise in Federal funding towards education and tutoring which makes the role of an online tutor all the more relevant in today's scenario. Federal funding of education in USA has increased from 42.2 billion dollars in 2001 to 54.4 billion dollars in 2007. With more money flowing into this business, there is a lot of opportunity to grow by being a part of it.

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